Goland GroupFit-OutSupply Chain Charter

More effective partnering relationships The highest standards possible in the management of Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety issues Successfully supplying the correct qualified trades.


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The Supply Chain Charter is essentially a Code of Conduct for us and all members of our supply chain. It outlines the core values and standards that are expected from all parties from Goland Group Fit-Out’s relationship and works towards developing long term relationships that are mutually beneficial.

The Charter is not intended to have legal effect. It simply defines what we expect from our Sub-Contractors and what you can expect in return from Goland Group Fit-Out.

Our motto ‘Delivering Fit-Out Excellence’ is part of the Goland Group Fit-Out’s ethos. Goland Group Fit-Out is committed to exceeding customer expectations and our aspirations to achieve the highest standards possible are met by driving Quality through every process and procedure we undertake.

Having this in place provides confidence to our clients that Goland Group Fit-Out has made every effort to ensure all our sub-contractors are competent, qualified and quality driven in the service they provide

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